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I call them tutorials but they are really just articles and videos about the way I personally carry out these techniques. I don’t believe in knitting different techniques correctly or incorrectly. Usually there are many ways to knit the same thing and the decision about which one to use depends on many things: the pattern, the yarn, the needles, and on you of course. No matter which way you choose, as long as it works and you like the result, it will be fine.

All in all, as a disclaimer, I would like to say this: you may know some of the techniques below and you may know a different way to perform them to have the same result. It is OK. It doesn’t mean that any of us is wrong about it. I grew up in Hungary, I have learnt the basic stitches and techniques from my mother and grandmother. I use continental way of knitting (well, in most of the cases… for colorworks I use the English way…) and I am right handed. Keep these in mind as you watch the videos 🙂

I can’t emphasis this enough but please do share your thoughts with me after you watch any of the videos! Constructive criticism is always welcome on this page because I can only make more helpful videos if I know how I can help you! Thank you!

Back Opening

Some of you reached out to me about the back opening of the Aurora Romper designed by GK. I know many of you are visual minded like me, so I thought the best way to clear this part of the pattern is to show you how I do it :). This may not be the only or the easiest way to create an opening, this is just one solution and it works!

Continental Cast on Method

A few thoughts about the Continental Cast on Method I often use in my patterns. If you wish to go straight to the video on YouTube, you will find it by clicking here. There are timestamps in the description of the video so you can jump to any part you would like depending on your current knitting knowledge.

The Chain Selvedge Method

In this tutorial I write about the Chain Selvedge Method. When do we use it and why? You can go straight to YouTube to only watch the video by clicking here. You will find timestamps in the description of the video to help you navigate!

3 Needle Bind off

By clicking on the photo, you can navigate to my thoughts on the 3 Needle Bind off Method but if you want to go straight to the video, you may do it by clicking here. I hope you will find it helpful!

Creating and joining an I cord

In this tutorial I show you how to knit an I-cord, and 2 options for how to attach it to another knitted piece. If you wish to watch the video straight ahead, you may do it by clicking here!

Join in the round

One easy and one perfect way to join your work in the round! 🙂

The Kitchener Stitch

The Kitchener Stitch is a perfect way to invisibly graft live stitches of 2 workpieces together. I show you how I do this technique in this tutorial!

The Provisional Cast on Method

A very useful cast on method which allows you to knit in two directions from the cast on edge! It can be carried out many ways, in this tutorial I show you how to do it using a crochet chain!

The Applied I-cord

This is how I knit the I-cord around the hood of the Tyche Hoodie.

Joining in Round with an Overlap

In this tutorial I show you how to join in the round after the raglan increases of the Tyche Hoodie!

The Kangaroo Pocket

This is the last one for the series of Knitting Help tutorials I created for the Tyche Hoodie. It shows you a way to pick up stitches for the pocket and how to join the finished pocket to the body of the hoodie.

The Shaping of the Back of the Flora Bonnet

Coming soon!