1. I am stuck with one of your patterns. Where can I get help? I am constantly working on knitting tutorial videos for you to make your projects easier. Please check them out here: –> link. You can find even more knitting help here: –> link. If you didn’t find a tutorial or you need assistance with another question, please get in touch with me by filling the contact form here: –> link or write an email to gynkaknitwear@gmail.com

2. I asked a question via Ravelry and you haven’t answered it yet. Why is that? I am really sorry about this, I don’t check in Ravelry too often and I haven’t figured out how to ask Ravelry for message notifications yet. Maybe there is a function for it (if there is, please help me out by letting me know about it) but if I get a question there, it usually remains unseen for me. If this is the case, you can always contact me through this contact form: –> link or via email: gynkaknitwear@gmail.com . This way I get notified immediately, so I can help you as soon as I get to my computer!

Answer update, November 2. 2021: Someone kindly navigated me through Ravelry notifications just now, so from this day on I will get notified when something happens in Ravelry. If you had sent a message prior to this date and you haven’t got an answer yet, please resend your message and I will answer ASAP. Thank you for your understanding!

3. Are you selling ready-made items? No, I don’t sell them any more. BUT! There are some very talented knitters, who do sell items made from my patterns! You can check them out here: –> link

4. I would like to sell items knitted from your patterns. May I? Yes, you may :). I would be very happy to welcome you as a seller on my site, too (I won’t ask money for advertising you and your shop, it is only a small favor I can do for you for buying my patterns : ) ), so if you have an online shop selling hand-knitted items please get in touch with me via this contact form: –> link or send an email to: gynkaknitwear@gmail.com

5. Will you extend the size range of the Aurora Romper? I am planning to, yes. But not in the near future… Please do understand, Aurora was my first published pattern and I released it for free. It is a really complex pattern, very hard work, and it would take a few weeks for me to write it in other sizes, and I just don’t have the time for it now. If you would like to knit Aurora in other sizes, I suggest changing to bigger/smaller size needles or a different yarn!

6. I found an error in one of your patterns, what should I do? I test my patterns with test knitters with all types of skills from beginner to advanced. Despite testing, it sometimes happens that we all miss something (we are human, after all…). I am really sorry about the inconvenience! You can find the links to errata here. If you found an error that is not listed in here, please get in touch with me through this contact form: –> link or send an email to gynkaknitwear@gmail.com and I will correct it ASAP.

7. I would like to test knit for you. What should I do? I would be very happy to welcome you as my test knitter, please join the group of my test knitters here: –> link Thank you!