Test Knitting for Gynka Knitwear

Let’s knit together!

If you’d like test knit for Gynka Knitwear, please join my Ravelry Test Knit Group, that is where all my test knits happen. You will find a thread named “Test knit ear-burn group”, it is usually at the top of the board, marked as “sticky”. To apply, please read and follow instructions given in the summary at the top of that page!

Open test knits have their own discussion thread in the group, and their availability is marked in the title of the thread. For example: “Tyche Hoodie – Test knit – OPEN“. They are also marked as “sticky”.

If you see a test knit thread that is open, you may join at any times. You will find all conditions written in the first post of the project thread. I am really thankful for anyone applying!

As to this point, I am accepting anyone who applies regardless to skills or experience (exceptions may occur if a pattern is not for beginner knitters but I always point this out in the list of expectations in the given project thread). I am a beginner designer writing patterns for all types of skills from beginner to advanced, so I like working with beginner testers to see what the “problem parts” of a pattern are, therefore these test knits are very instructive for me, too. If you are a beginner tester, I am encouraging you to join the group and work with me on a project 🙂 !

Testers who complete test knitting are compensated by the final version of the pattern and one more pattern from the Gynka Knitwear Ravelry Store gifted to their Ravelry library (each tester may choose which one).

For further information please email me at gynkaknitwear@gmail.com or follow me on: