You can find all knitwear patterns designed by Gynka Knitwear grouped into collections here.

For more information on the designs contained by the different collections please click on the collection’s title!

2022 – Fine Lines

Fine lines is a collection of designs of Gynka Knitwear that were sampled earlier but weren’t published yet. Designs will be released in 2022.

For any questions about test knitting and release dates, please visit the Fine Line’s page!

2018 – Mainly Monochrome Collection

The Mainly Monochrome Collection is the second collection by Gynka Knitwear, it consists of baby and toddler accessories.

2017 – The Enchanted Forest Collection

The Enchanted Forest Collection is the very first collection of baby and toddler accessories by Gynka Knitwear, published in 2017.