Mindig szarik a kutya valamit…

This is a Hungarian saying that my grandmother used to say all the time. It means “the dog always sh*ts something”. She was a very pessimistic lady, she had a hard life, full of pain and struggles. Sadly she passed away 18 years ago but I still hear her voice saying this when I think of her.

The dog always sh*ts something… We thought 2020 was tough and then came 2021… but I was full of hope because I couldn’t imagine any worse than a pandemic and thought the only way is up from there. I lost all hopes 4 weeks ago. I have no words.

I decided to take a little break from the blog in the last few weeks because it just didn’t feel right to post anything here. After pushing through the first shock of what’s happening, I slowly gather myself back together again, and return to writing, too.

In this month I was mainly focusing on my knitwear design studies, read books, answered questions, examined other knitwear designers’ work and tried to observe my own from outside. It is very interesting to step outside and watch yourself, like you were someone else. I have had quite many revelations, I have found things out about myself that I had never noticed before. Some things that I like and some that I don’t. The good thing is, I can work on my weaknesses now that I am aware of them.

I have created some knitting help videos for the Pomona Sweater and uploaded them to YouTube. I organized them into a playlist, so you can watch them one after the other by clicking here. Pomona is coming together nicely. It is almost ready for tech editing and testing, I only need to write a tutorial for short rows but first I have to figure out a way it could be the most helpful tutorial as possible. Short rows are not hard to understand but it is a huge topic and it is easy to get lost in it. This is what I will work on next week.

Happy Knitting!


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