A week of studying, searching for resources and some knitting

Since we are still waiting for the last test knitter to finish Tyche Hoodie, I finally had some time to catch up with my studies this week. I was working on my fiber research for a few days and I have made quite a lot of progress. I find it such an interesting topic, I would really love to dive in a bit more, so I started to look for resources I could use. Previously I always ordered books from the US through Ebay and Amazon but I seem to be unlucky with those. The worst case was about five years ago when I ordered The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt 3 times: once on Amazon – which has never arrived and I haven’t got my money back either – and twice on Ebay, from which the first time they returned my money without a word, and for the second time I finally got the book (so that was quite an expensive book for me, paying for the book with shipping from the US 2 times… but it still worth it). Having learnt from these previous “affairs”, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t order any books neither through Amazon, nor through Ebay any more. I had to find a reliable source for American books in Europe, so that shipping won’t take ages and cost a fortune at the same time and also the books have less possibility to get lost on the way.

About a year ago I was searching for a reference book for indoor plants (my other hobby) and I found Wob (a.k.a. World of Books. And by the way, this is not a paid promotion, so you will read my honest opinion about them if you continue). They have millions of books in their stock and a fair price for shipping, so I made a try and ordered a book from there. And voila, my book was here in Hungary in a week, safe and sound. So this time I tried to find resources for my fiber research there. And I found the treasure chest of knitting resources… As of today, there are over 26.000 books in the topic of “Crafts”, 2.000 in knitting only, so it is almost impossible to go through their library. Since I didn’t have a particular book in mind but had some spare time, I went through the 2000 books… and end up ordering 11 and putting another 18 on my wishlist for next time. I don’t know how many books can someone read on a topic in a lifetime but I think I will challenge that… I may highlight my favorite ones here once I have read them. Anyway, if you need any place for resources of books in English and you live in Europe, I highly recommend Wob.

Researching for my fiber report meant watching a lot of video content, too, and like all the other knitters, I can’t just sit and watch anything without something in my hands to knit… so I continued my neglected Dohne by Oceaan. This is my third one, actually, I am knitting it for my husband’s cousin, who is kindly doing accounting for our family. Accounting is a nightmare here in Hungary, without her help we would be nowhere here so I am really grateful for her and I wanted to knit her something in return for her hard work. She chose Dohne, and also the yarn to go with it, which is Drops Puna from Garnstudio, in my favourite colourway, grey green (which is unfortunately discontinued but I had some balls left from previous projects). I really love this, and I am sure she will, too.

As to my new design, the Pomona Sweater, I was so pleased with the short row shaping of the hem that I made last week, I decided to include these short row modifications in every child size, so I am currently working on the instructions and charts for those.

That is it from me this week, but I would really like to hear from you, too. Please share what you have on your needles right now in the comments!

Happy Knitting!


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