Holiday Mode: off

I tried so hard to stick to the Christmas tree and the holidays but let’s admit: we are in the middle of January… holidays are over… I should have some work done here…

Anyway, I wasn’t completely inactive during the past few weeks. I was knitting for family, friends and of course myself – only… There are still some WIPs left but I hope they will be FOs soon… 😀

Here’s a successfully finished object, a Christmas gift to my daughter’s therapist at Bethesda KIDSz (pattern is Lemmy K. by Isabell Kraemer):


It knitted up very quickly (I needed two days from cast on to bind off, and another one to wet block) and it turned out beautifully. My mother fell in love with it instantly, so I will have to make another for her as soon as I have two days off… 😀

This past week I tried slowly getting back to everyday routines like planning, designing and posting on social media sites.

My first announcement on my Facebook site was an announcement I’ve been excited very much about and prepared for months. I’ve always loved newborn photo props but I wasn’t sure if I should design any as I have several other things in my mind that seem more important. But I had several referrals from photographers and I didn’t want to disappoint them. One day last summer I was searching for something on Etsy, and a shop hit my eye accidentally… It is a Bukarest-based shop, selling knit patterns and I was shocked by all the beauties there… and I quietly asked myself: “do I have to design every single piece myself in the GK webshop or is it OK if the Newborn section is designed by someone else, like this really talented Romanian designer…?” You problably know my answer… I bought some of their knitwear patterns, knit them up and we had the first photo sessions by November… and so GK Newborn was established…



More photos are coming soon and ready-made pieces will be available in the GK webshop from February.

For those of you who would like to browse this beautiful pattern shop I’ve talked about above, here’s the link: 3PLittleKnits

Photos were made by Englert Orsi Photography – Orsi, if you happen to read this, I’m blown away by your pictures – again… ❤

From this week on, I will write weekly blog posts and next week will be an important milestone in the life of Gynka Knitwear with a little surprise, so stay tuned ;)!